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This is just one of many messages given by Yokas Boslarelli and other persons of this ministry, in these messages he explores the concept of God's word and the way in which we are intrigued by it. all messages are given publicly and recorded live on location

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OCR Street Ministry [also known as Our Current Reality] was founded in 2015 by the combining experience of boldness, strength with a vast portfolio of encounters and interior walks of life. We have built the foundations of our ministry along those very same future-proof principles in the word of God, this is that brave, complex and exciting momentum in mind that brings you to the truth. this street ministry has been ordained by pastor Sandy Armstrong & Pastor Benjamin Davis, adopted under the leadership of 'Soldiers For Christ Global Community Church' in Long Beach, California


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Surrender is a term that is generally used to refer to losing or giving up in a battle. When we surrender to God, we are choosing to give up the fight between our selfish sinful man and God. We surrender our will to His and this helps us to have a relationship with Him. Each time we surrender more of ourselves to Him, we are able to become more filled with and guided by the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5:18). if you feel in your heart that you are ready to repent of your sin and leave your old life behind, click the 'get started' button now

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Over time we have warned people repeatedly about this and over time they still have not listened to us, but now the time has come and we are letting them know right now that this will probably be the last time they will hear from us but we are not saying this because we are leaving, rather we will be taken from YOU.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  it saddens our hearts that people have over time refused to listen but ye, verily verily i say unto you a time is coming, and has now come where they will regert ever NOT listening to the words of wisdom. at the time of this writting we are still here, but only for a short time longer. we are now making this our last plea to YOU to get right before it's too late. in Ezekiel 33:1-6 God makes it crystal clear here, who he holds responsible should anyone fail to heed the watchman's warning. so now that i am being faithful to the call to sound the warning trumpet: it's up to others, like yourself, to respond.... and with the help of God's Holy Spirit and the love that resides in His heart, we trust your response will result in you being saved from the pain of death, by grace, through faith in the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. if people don't listen to us now and these events happen and they decide to turn their hearts to God, we have listed below what they need to do again, please don't wait, we are pleading with YOU RIGHT NOW to turn from your ways and hear this warning of truth                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          if you do not have God in your life right now you will face hardship in your life to come and i am saying to you again that before it's too late you can make this turn around. but if you still not listen, and take this has a joke, then so be it... Some day soon, the Lord Jesus Christ is going to return and take all the born again of God to heaven. These instructions are what we have written to the people who are left behind, to tell them what to do after they have missed the Rapture. i am warning you about this now, because we won't be around then. All of these instructions are found in the Bible, which is the first thing you're going to need to do to find out what is going on. if you feel you want to make this right and heed to this truth we have more information to send you please contact us asap! DON'T DELAY  

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