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what you don't know about Islam can kill you, this concise, gripping account gives the reader everything he needs to know in order to make informed and intelligent decisions about Islam and how to respond to it.

The Religious Systems

Everything From Lies To False Doctrines, The False Heresies That Stand To Confuse You


Practically all precepts of the Roman Catholic religion contradict the Bible repeatedly. It is the largest cult in the world and most preachers will not openly say so because it is so large. For Catholics who read this, please remember this: the person that tells you the truth is the one that cares.


One of the first things I would want to say is that there are two kinds of approaches to questionable practices in life. One I would call a minimalist approach to holiness and godliness, and the other a maximalist approach.

New Age Movement

New Agers make contact with the kingdom of darkness. Calling a medium a “channeler” and a demon a “spirit guide” has not changed the reality of what they are. This is the kingdom of darkness of which Satan is the head. Those involved in this kind of activity are in contact with a world that is totally opposed to the biblical God revealed to us in Jesus Christ, who defeated Satan

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